We created Sacred Skincare’s laser hair programs with your results and comfort in mind. We offer safe hair removal for all skin tones. We utilize Cutera YAG laser technology to safely and effectively treat the hair. This gentle laser keeps skin comfortable with a cooling tip. For extra cooling, a thin layer of gel is applied. Following the treatment, your esthetician will provide instructions that will help to ensure optimal results.  All treatment areas require a minimum of six sessions in order to achieve a 60-90% reduction in hair growth. The hair grows in three cycles. In order to achieve a lasting result, it is necessary to treat each growth cycle twice.

Visits should be scheduled at four to six week intervals unless otherwise advised by your esthetician. Schedule a consultation and a patch test for further information.




Small Areas  75 (per session) | 300 (6 sessions) 

Neck - Upper Lip - Chin - Sides of Cheek - Areola - Navel - Hands - Feet


Medium Areas  150 (per session) | 600 (6 sessions) 

Bikini - French Bikini - Full Face - Underarm - Half Arm - Stomach - Shoulders 


Large Areas   200 (per session) | 800 (6 sessions) 

Brazilian - Half Leg - Half Back - Half Chest - Full Arm - Buttocks




Small Areas 75 (per session) | 300 (6 sessions) 

Upper Cheek - Navel - Feet - Hands - Neck


Medium Areas  150 (per session) | 600 (6 sessions) 

Underarm - Stomach - Shoulders - Half Arm


Large Areas 200 (per session) | 800 (6 sessions)

Half Back - Chest - Full Arm - Half Leg - Buttocks