Kerry McVey L.Ac., LMT Facial Acupuncturist

With over a decade of experience in treating health conditions from both Eastern and Western holistic medical perspectives, Kerry has helped to heal her clients from the inside out. This bilateral approach to wellness led her to specialize in holistic skincare and anti-aging treatments using Acupuncture and complementary modalities rooted in East Asian Medicine.  Kerry’s continuing education included being a member of the 1st National 100-hour Advanced Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture training program with the biggest names in the field. By combining time-tested modalities of Classical Chinese Medicine with modern-day scientific advancements in skincare therapy, Kerry is able to create individually designed treatments to meet her clients’ needs.   

Kerry is the founder of True North Acupuncture, she earned her M.S.Ac in Acupuncture at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, her A.D. in Applied Sciences at the Swedish Institute of Health Sciences, and her B.A. in Hispanic and Latin American Literature and Culture at New York University.


AcuExpress® Facial | 150

Cleanse | Hydration | Light Facial Acupuncture |

LED Therapy | 45 mins

An introductory 45-minute service that dives into the essence of acupuncture facials. The AcuExpress facial provides a renewed energy to the skin, such as reducing puffiness, brightening and improving clarity, as well as enhancing skin elasticity. This treatment promotes circulation by targeting key motor points in the face and neck with acupuncture, while also easing muscle tension. LED light therapy is also used to target acne, wrinkles, and inflammation.


AcuGlow® Facial | 225

Cleanse | Hydration | Facial/Body Acupuncture | Facial Gua Sha or Facial Cupping | LED | Facial Massage 60 mins

This personalized treatment aims to harmonize imbalance in the body that leads to skin ailments such as acne, rosacea, muscle weakness, puffiness, and wrinkles. After a tailored skin assessment, this treatment begins with a deep cleanse, using the organic Beauty Shamans skincare line, also incorporating targeted facial and neck massage. Facial acupuncture points are stimulated to encourage the production of collagen and circulation, while also helping to lift and define points like the cheeks, jawline, and eyebrows. LED light therapy is used to target acne, wrinkles, and inflammation.


AcuTone & Sculpt® Facial | 350

Cleanse | Hydration | Advanced Facial/Body Acupuncture | Microcurrent | Gua Sha | Facial Cupping | 90 mins

This luxurious treatment addresses the needs of the entire person: body, mind, spirit.

A personalized health and skin assessment allows your therapist to target your individual needs. Starting with a deep cleanse using the all-natural Beauty Shamans skincare line—along with acupressure facial and neck massage—prepares the skin for the tailored treatments to follow. Whole body acupuncture points are used to address one’s underlying constitutional health needs, while keeping skincare goals in mind. Facial acupuncture points and microcurrent are targeted to strengthen facial muscles, minimizing fine lines and wrinkles, improving elasticity, and promoting the production of new collagen. LED light therapy is used to target acne, wrinkles, and inflammation. Gua sha and facial cupping reduce puffiness by implementing lymphatic drainage, sculpt the cheeks and jawline, and brightens overall complexion.