Q: How do I prepare for my facial?

A: Do not do any at home treatments for a week. Stop using any prescription topicals such as retinoids in the three days leading up to your treatment. 

Q: Can I arrive to my facial with makeup on?

A: Yes, but please remember that it will be removed during the cleansing step of your facial. We will do our best to preserve your eye make-up though!

Q: What kind of facial is best for my skin type?

A: Your esthetician will analyze your skin and ask about areas of concern. Of course, your skin condition might change over time, so your esthetician will always be on the look out for how she should adapt the treatment.

Q: How often should I come in for facials?

A: This depends on what results you are hoping to achieve. You will discuss your goals with the esthetician, and she will set up a schedule that will be most beneficial for you.  Expect her to recommend that you come in every four to six weeks. 

Q: Should men shave before their facials?

A: Shaving the night before your facial is recommended. Shaving on the day of your facial might cause your skin to be more sensitive.

Q: When can I resume my normal skincare routine?

A: Often, you may resume that very same evening. You should discuss the aftercare plan with your esthetician.

Q: Can I wear makeup afterwards?

A: Your esthetician will apply a mineral-based foundation so that you will feel comfortable facing the day after your treatment. We recommend staying away from non-mineral makeup in the 24 hours following your facial..

Q: Can I go to the gym?

A: You may go to the gym prior to your treatment, but we do not recommend a gym session after your facial. Sweating may cause congested pores.