It doesn't matter how old you are. Everyone's skin requires exfoliation to look its best! 

Have you started noticing sun-spots or fine-lines? Maybe you have some remaining hyper-pigmentation from a break-out or suffer from acne. Whatever the case may be, a professional exfoliation is the key to unlocking clearer, brighter, and smoother skin! At Sacred Skincare, we offer varying levels of exfoliation to suit your comfort level. As always, every service will start with a consultation so that you can discuss your current concerns and skincare goals. Your esthetician can help you to select which skin resurfacing service is best for you. 

*Skin resurfacing treatments are best performed in a series to achieve optimal results. All treatments are 30 minutes and include a customized treatment plan.


Chemical Peels

Peels are a great way to improve the texture and tone of skin. Want to jump start your skins cell renewal factor? Then it's time to get serious about exfoliation.  

*Peels are listed in order of strength

Lactic | 100

A gentle AHA peel is excellent for more sensitive skin types. If you haven't had a peel before, this is a great place to start. This peel works wonders on dead skin and discoloration caused by melasma. The lactic hydrates the skin with the help of brightening antioxidants. *This peel is safe for women who are pregnant. 

Glycolic | 100

This AHA is a light to medium depth peel that is slightly stronger then the lactic peel (but still gentle). A glycolic peel increases the skin's ability to absorb moisture and anti-oxidants while also improving its texture and tone. This peel is best suited for dry to normal skin types. If you're concerned about anti-aging and some mild congestion, then this is the peel for you.

Salicylic | 100

This medium depth, deep clarifying treatment refines and resurfaces by actively exfoliating the top layers of the stratum corneum. This allows the peel to penetrate the skin--ridding the pores of acne-causing buildup and fading hyper-pigmentation. This peel is best suited for those with oily/combination and more resilient skin.  

PCA Peels | 120

PCA (Physician's Care of Arizona) is a leader in the skincare industry of highly effective yet gentle treatments.  Clinically researched and scientifically formulated peels have been designed to treat skin conditions such as acne, aging, sensitive skin and hyper-pigmentation. PCA Peels give us the ability to customize and adjust the strength of the treatment based on your needs.  Formulations include AHA's, BHA's, TCA's and Retinoids. 

*If it's your first time receiving a PCA Peel, we suggest you schedule a consultation.

Sacred Skincare Anti-Aging Facial | 175

Our Anti-Aging Facial is for those wanting a little pick-me-up from their dull complexions. Our Anti-Aging Facial begins with a thorough skin consultation. We then give you a gentle cleansing of the skin and a facial massage that includes movements designed to improve the skin's vitality. We also include a light peel (lactic or glycolic), a vitamin C treatment, and a steam treatment. A masque is then applied with active peptides to help plump the skin and increase hydration--followed by lip moisture. We also incorporate therapeutic upper body massage into treatment.

Pure Vibrance | 300

Signature Facial + Genesis + Light Peel

This powerhouse laser facial offers a solution for skin in need of rejuvenation. This treatment will clear away congestion, tighten the pores, smooth fine lines, and gently exfoliate dead skin cells to reveal refreshed and renewed skin. In this treatment, we combine our Signature Facial with Laser Genesis Skin Therapy--followed by a light chemical exfoliation.